Lash Bomb - Step 2 Neutralizing Cream

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You will get 4-5 Lamination's or lifts per sachet. Re seal and use for up to 7 days when sealed properly. DO NOT store in the Fridge- Warm the sachets in your hand and massage before use.


Lash Bomb - Step 2 Neutralizing Cream- SODIUM BROMATE FREE

  • Enriched with Cocoa Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Glass Microbeads, Panthenol and Licorice and Horsetail Extracts.
  • Made in the UK
  • 10 x 1.5ml sachets (4-5 lifts per sachet.)
  • Urea is an Active Penetration Enhancer which enables deeper penetration of Biotin, Hydrolyzed Silk and Vitamin B3 into the hair follicles strengthening and conditioning the lashes whilst also creating the ultimate lash lifting treatment.
  • Enriched with Cocoa Butter to moisturize and give your lashes shine.
    Hyaluronic Acid 
    is well known for its moisturizing and smoothing properties included in the formulation to moisturize and condition the lashes.

  • Processing time:

    • Very fine lashes 4-5 minutes
    • Fine or tinted lashes 5-6 minutes
    • Natural healthy lashes 6-8 minutes
  • The formulation contains Glass Microbeads that promote optical blurring effect. They have also been included in the formulation to separate lashes after application. The microspheres enable a ball bearing effect creating less friction between lashes.

    Also contains Licorice and Horsetail Extracts to aid lash growth.