Lash BOMB Instructions

Please make sure to review all the instructions that come in your purchase. If you miss place those sheets the information is available for your on line.

Beauty Inc Canada is happy to provide the following additional Tips and Tricks:

  • Please massage the sachet before you use them.
  • NO water is to be used to remove the products or tint
  • Use a roll off technique to remove the lotions
  • Remove the bulk of the tint with a cotton bud. Apply step 3 allow to sit for 2 mins. Continue to use step 3 to remove tint and shield 
  • Please seal up the sachet with micro tape and put in a air tight container for future use.
  • Less is more: Less product & Less time on the lashes
  • Please review the product information sheet enclosed.
  • Tint ratio is 3 drops of oxidant to 5cm of tint.
  • After care cards are provided. We insist on no water, no rubbing for 24-48hrs
  • Conversion courses are available as well as trainer courses for qualified lash artists
  • Very fine, fine and tinted lashes 5 minutes
  • Natural healthy and course healthy lashes 6 minutes

    Full Procedure for Lash Bomb Lash Lift. Direct from the Manufacturer :


    Sachets to be gently massaged before opening and to be decanted into glue ring before use.

    The treatment time varies depending on the individual client’s lashes.

    • Complete client consultation sheet

    • Position client comfortably

    • Take a before photograph

    • Protect client’s hair with a head band or mop cap and drape a towel or bed roll over the client’s upper body to protect clothing

    • Sanitize your hands

    • Remove any traces of make up using an oil free make up remover and a clean cotton pad, place cotton pad in bin

    • Comb through the lashes using a disposable mascara wand, put the mascara wand to the side for later in the treatment

    • Place a collagen pad under each eye ensuring clients bottom lashes are secured under them

    • Choose the appropriate shields, trimming to fit as required

    • Apply bonder to the back of the shield and place in position on the eyelid close to the root, hold in place for 20 seconds

    • Apply bonder to shield in small sections and lift the lashes from the root using the lash tool and attach them to the shield,gradually move along the shield until all lashes are bonded to the shields

    STEP 1 - Apply a small amount of lash lifting cream from root to 1/3 up the lash for a lift and maximum 1⁄2 way up lash for lift and slight curl using a micro-applicator.

    Processing time:

    • Very fine lashes 4-5 minutes
    • Fine or tinted lashes 5-6 minutes
    • Natural healthy lashes 6-8 minutes
    • Course healthy lashes 8-10 minutes
    • Remove using a clean micro-applicator, place used micro-applicator in bin.

    STEP 2 - Apply a small amount of Neutralising lotion to where the lash lifting cream was applied using a micro-applicator

    Processing time:

    • Very fine, fine and tinted lashes 5 minutes
    • Natural healthy and course healthy lashes 6 minutes

    • Remove using a clean micro-applicator, place used micro-applicator in bin
    • OPTIONAL COLOR BOOST - Prepare chosen colour of tint and apply using a tint brush. Remove tint after 3-5 minutes using a clean cotton bud, place used cotton bud in bin.

    • STEP 3 - Apply moisturizing serum over the lashes using a micro-applicator, gently releasing the lashes from the shield

    • Apply moisturizing serum to the eyelid under the lash shield using a micro-applicator, gently releasing the shield from the eye,

    • Use a clean cotton bud to remove excess serum from the eyelid, place used cotton bud in bin

    • Remove under eye patches and comb lashes up using a mascara wand

    • Take an after photograph

    • Explain aftercare to client and give them a printed copy to take away along with a mascara wand.