About Us-My story

Welcome to Beauty Inc.Canada...I, Sheryl will be your host though this story, appropriate I guess, as it is MY story.

Beauty Inc Canada is a project of passion. It's something that has been developing for years I believe. It was set in motion, a series of events.... I'll tell ya my tale...grab a drink.

On Jan 4, 2000 I was in a head on collision that could have taken my life. I was on my way to work, at a dental office. I survived that accident and something changed in me...I understood my mortality.

Time carried on, I recovered to a new normal, I got married and we wanted to travel, you know... the before kids lets do all the things, thing. Of course we wanted to do Europe all kid free and pretending to be #hipsters, it was that last hurrah trip.

I recall having to beg for the time off, I recall saying to myself. I almost died a few years ago and I have to beg for my time. A spark was lit and I was off on my first entrepreneurial venture. 

I had 8 years of instructional and clinical management under my belt, I loved teaching, I loved problem solving so I started a consulting company for dental offices. I loved that career, I did it for many years and then along came a family and the hours took there tolls.

After my kids I did this 100lb weight loss thing. That changed a lot of things for me and my family. Not wanting to have the kids in Full time Day care I took a job at a gym and eventually became a personal trainer, like all good weight loss and life change people do...Jokes aside, Changing to that style of teaching taught me so much.

Personal training lead me to Beauty believe it or not. The need for good skincare post weight loss lead me to Rodan and Fields. That business brought me back to something I wanted to do years ago...Open a spa and Teaching academy. My years in Dental gave me a love of clinical services and teaching...people just liked going to spa's and not to dental offices, weirdly that appealed to me.;)

BAM the Universe got a hold of that dream and it took the long way around. I guess it was testing me to see if I was up for the challenge.

I opened a spa, I had a variety of services, I then trained in Lifts and Tints. I was eager to started training people. Teaching is my thing, I just needed product I believed in, and I wasn't finding it.

**we are in the home stretch here ...stay with me!**

Along the way of trying to make this happen I realized that Canada Really lacked the following:

1 A complete product line that I would be excited to give to my students. I worked with several brands available in Canada and didn't love any of them. Nothing was complete. Nothing was high quality. Nothing met my standards. 

2.The training available in Canada is sub par. Short video modules, FB Live training, even the in person classes like I took was poor at best. I left and went directly to YouTube.

One Happy day, I found this brand...Lash BOMB. I found it on Insta of course. Then I started to research the brand, emailed the company and somehow I ended up making the leap into this amazing adventure.


I used the products and loved it so much I wanted to represent it in Canada. I wanted to bring it to Beauty Inc Canada. I wanted to teach with this brand because it excites me! Canada deserved this level, and I'm excited to give it.

I had the honor, and I mean honor of training with one of the BEST educators in the UK. Sam Ferguson. She is the master of all trainers and I am honored to work with her and the rest of the Beautiful brows and lashes educators and staff.

I traveled from Canada To Liverpool to Train at the Academy. I was treated to three full days of training in the ultra modern beauty making machine.

We trained on Lash BOMB and on Brows... Best tints and Budge proof powders.

I wanted the entire experience, I wanted to be able to properly represent this brand in Canada and North America. Sam gave me more than I could have ever hoped for. I am excited to provide a higher level of service to my spa clients. Training is going to be amazing, I'm excited.

This is just a start. Beauty Inc Canada is committed to sourcing out the best quality products and bringing them to Canada. #levelup 


Yours in Beauty and in Business,


Sheryl Gatzke-Beauty Inc. Canada